20 euro coin dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis


On the obverse of the coin is the coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania; on the top right-hand corner — the words LIETUVA in a semicircle; above the date of issue 2015 — a Phrygian cap, and at the bottom — the inscription 20 €.
The logo of the UAB Lithuanian Mint is impressed on the obverse of the coin.

The reverse of the coin depicts a portrait of Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis, artist and politician, participant of the 1794 Uprising, Grand Treasurer of Lithuania, as well as the music notes from his famous polonaise “Farewell to the Homeland”, which he seems to be hearing in his mind. On the right side of the coin, from bottom to the top, are the words MYKOLAS KLEOPAS OGINSKIS, 250.

Silver Ag 925
Diameter 38.61 mm
Weight 28.28 g
Quality proof
On the edge of the coin, the following words of Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis are inscribed: FOR THE GOOD OF MY HOMELAND I GIVE MY PART*/ TĖVYNĖS LABUI ĮNEŠU SAVĄJĄ DALĮ *

Designed by Rūta Ona Čigriejūtė ir Rytas Jonas Belevičius

Mintage 3,000
Issued in 2015
The coin was minted at the UAB Lithuanian Mint.

Brochure of the Coin

Price 77 EUR