Coin dedicated to XXXI olympic games

rioav riorevThe Obverse of the coin features a stylised Vytis, the mark of the LTOK on the left side, and the denomination of the coin – €20 below.

On the reverse  of the coin, an image of a swimmer appears in the background of clear water created by the process of pad printing and the year of the XXXI Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro – 2016, as well as the inscription RIO DE ŽANEIRAS. The mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint is impressed on the reverse of the coin.

Coin is made of silver (Ag 925)
Diameter – 38,61 mm
Weight– 28,28 g
Quality proof

Designed by Rūta Nicajienė ir Giedrius Paulauskis.

Mintage  7,000
Launched on 25 July 2016

Commemorative euro coins are legal tender across the euro area.

Brochure of the coin

Price 77 eur