JSC “SATOLA” and JSC “DRUSVALAS” represented by brand ЕХСНАNGЕ was first ones granted the License of Currency Exchange Operator in 2015 by the Bank of Lithuania, after new law of Currency Exchange Operators in Lithuania was issued and thus became the participant of financial service market. All branches represents the new brand ЕХСНАNGЕ.

These companies were the first ones to start the licensed and professional currency exchange business and are actively expanding ЕХСНАNGЕ network all around Lithuania. Our branches trade 46 foreign currencies. At this point, no other financial market participant, including commercial banks, can offer exchange of such vast variety of currencies.

Our employees have 20 years of work experience in commercial and national banks, state supervision institutions, currency exchange, supervision of stock exchange markets, organization and planning of work and other work fields related to financial services.

Our branches:


Ozo st. 25, LT-07150, Vilnius – Akropolis shopping and entertainment center;

Sodų st.. 22, LT-00107, Vilnius (Vilnius bus station);

Mindaugo st. 11, Vilnius – MAXIMA XXX;

Savanorių av. 247, Vilnius – MAXIMA BAZĖ;

Liepkalnio st. 112, Vilnius – MAXIMA XX (Minsk road);

Geležinkelio st. 16, Vilnius – Vilnius railway station

Etmonų str. 2 / Aušros vartų str. 3, LT-01305 Vilnius, (Vilnius old town)


Medininkai border checkpoint – Pasieniečių st. 26, Medininkai, Vilnius distict;


Savanorių av. 255, LT-50147, Kaunas – Maxima XXX.


Taikos av. 61, Klaipėda – akropolis shopping and entertainment center;